Poetry Planet Podcast

By Angelique Kereecko
Hi and Welcome to my magical poetic world. I call it the Poetry Planet Podcast. Come inside for a magical ride โœจ ๐Ÿฆ„

Hi Beautiful Souls, and Welcome to the Poetry Planet Podcast.

My name is Angelique Kereecko. I am a Poet and UX Designer. I like to share stories with my poetry and digital art.

You get access to:

(1) Receive a shout-out on the IG Page @angeliquekereeckoofficial

(2) The inspirations for the poems,

(3) The inspirations for the UX Design, digital art

(4) 7 days early access to the full length poems, and

(5) The in-depth creation process,

(6) Get answers to your interview questions. Ask your questions on Instagram. I explain the detailed answers on the Poetry Planet Podcast.

Enjoy this poetic journey!

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